Review System Refresh AMD AM5 7900x, B650E mini review


Just a review. I often get free time during the end of DEC and usually leads to rebuilding a box or two.

This year I went from

3900x (replaced)
MSI Mag x570 UNIFY (replaced)
32GB CL16 (replaced)
6700XT 12GB (reused)
Corsair 1000HXI (reused)
Corsair 760T (Replaced)
2TB Samsung 980 Pro (reused)

New Build:

64GB G.Skill Flare X5 DDR 6000 cl36 (32GB included with CPU)
Asus Rog strix B650E-F
Lian LI III MESH (open box score!!)

I'm in a driving range of MicroCenter but not too close (Thankfully).

I was rocking that Corsair 760T which is a GREAT case, and I had two 5.25" drives but honestly have not used them much. So I figured a new case after 6 years was in order. I usually reuse cases and power supplies for several builds before refreshing them.

Lian LI III Mesh is really good, a little high, I kinda wanted to try the new fractural case with the dual 200mm's but it was even more expensive.

7900x/64GB is good combo. I have not done any video/photo or fired up my VM's, but generally I think 32GB is the sweet spot.

I will say the cost of 670/650 chipsets still seem high, AM5 has been out for several months.

I used to always build with ASUS or ABIT (I guess their gone now), back in the day. Here lately I been doing MSI or Gigabyte (they seem to be more price friendly for the same features) (but did have one audio quirk with them a couple of boards ago.

I was a little "afraid" of the bad reviews on the super long posts, it was not that bad. This board had a bios 2 versions old, and it booted up just fine. I did update the bios of course later.

I guess the pricing on anything has gone up, but 250-300 feels to be the new mid these chipsets currently.

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Hey there,

That mobo seems pretty decent. It has 12+2 power phases so should handle the 7900x well enough.

Agree with you on ram. If you're not doing anything requiring the extra ram is wasted, 2 x 16gb will serve you well enough for gaming, no worries.

How is the 7900x under load. What temps are you hitting?


AMD says these CPU's run up to 95C and no issues.

I do a benchmark on CPU-Z (Stress 24 threads)

Package temp shows 93.3
CCD 93
CCD1 83
cores 93
l3 53
soc 55

No stability issues. Using Deep cool AK620 and Thermal Grizzly paste.

I know air-cooling is old school, but I usually always sell my old computers and aircoolers "never" go bad. I enjoy that.

I do have the 3 140mms FANS and 3 120mm fans (Notcua), and 3 140mm fans (Notuca)

I plan to see if this 64GB helps with my light video editing tasks and do like to run some Linux/Windows VM's for testing/fun/tinkering. The only reason I did that was I regretted back in 2016 doing my build Ram was 115 for 32GB, I saved 115 bucks but always just wondered what if.

The DDR5 6000 at MC was 160.00 (got the first 32gb for .01 cents).

Happy with the build, been super solid since day 1.

I will say I think overall the AM5 platform motherboards need to come down in pricing.

CPU + MB + RAM (64GB) was about 940 with taxes.........

In the past CPU + MB + RAM (32gb) would run me about 660. (maybe 800 if you went with 64GB). I know inflation has raised everything, but it seems AM5 is off to an expensive start.

So far my experience seems more fluid, less Micro lag (I know that is hard to measure), but I'm always sensitive to any micro lags, shutters etc. (or at least that is how I justify this lol).