Question System restarts after blue screen, and now Windows is not starting ?


Sep 28, 2022
I am using this system for many years, today it suddenly said " your system encounter a problem and needs to restart"

After it restarts it doesn't start Windows, instead it goes to BIOS where I don't see my SSD, I can only see my HDD and DVD ROM in boot devices ?

Core i5-6500
16 GB ram ddr4 corsair
2TB HDD Seagate
Win 10
corsair TX 550 power supply
Is the drive a sata drive or m.2? if sata try plugging it into another sata port or changing the cable.

If it doesnt show up try plugging it in as a secondary drive in another computer to see if it will see it. If not then the drive more then likely has died. With SSD's you dont really get an warning like older HDD with their clicking sound.

If its a M.2 you could try the same thing, move it to another slot if you have one on the board, or get an external caddy and plug it into another computer.