Question System restarts while starting game/heavy loads after changing motherboard ?


Oct 2, 2017
Hope I am posting this in right section.
My system specs were as following before changing the mobo:-

Asus P5G41C M LX mobo
Core 2 quad q9505
Asus Rog strix RX 570 4GB graphics card
Gigabyte GE-E620A-C3 PSU (600w)
8GB ddr3 ram
120 gb wd ssd
two 500 gb hdds
160 gb hdd

Now as i have replaced the mobo with "Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3LR V1.1 Motherboard" and i m facing system restart problem only when i launch heavy game like far cry 5, it starts but after one or two minutes the system restarts .
This does not happen at any other time, i can continue to do other normal work like office,movies,internet etc all day but only under heavy load like gaming.
it was working fine before. i have only changed mobo and all other components are same.
I did not reistall windows but upgraded/reinstalled new drivers. everything works except heavy loads. cpu/gpu/other components tempratures were in normal ranges.
Any ideas/help will be much appreciated.
I know i should upgrade my system to a latest build but i m on tight budget.

Phillip Corcoran

Latest build or not, you should have re-installed Windows after changing the motherboard because the existing installation is technically invalid (loads of invalid registry entries, old motherboard drivers may still be present, etc. etc. All this can cause several problems and glitches both now and in the future.