Question System Restore gyrations in Windows 10

May 15, 2020
Dear Friends,

Recently I tried to do a System Restore on my Dell Windows 10 OS desktop computer back to an automatically created restore point. It did not work. I got a "did not complete" message WITH NO ERROR CODE. Here is the entire message:

"System Restore did not complete successfully. You computer's system files and settings were not changed. You can try System Restore again and choose a different restore point . If you continue to receive this error you can try an advanced recovery method."

Well, since I could not find anything on "system restore failed but no error code" I tried running system restore again a few days later using the same restore point.

I wanted to roll back because I tried to delete Microsoft One Cloud (I could never get it to work) from the programs and features choice from control panel and it did not uninstall. The One Cloud program did disappear from the programs list but I also got the "didn't uninstall properly", or "completely" ; I cannot remember which" message.

Did a search and there were still dozens of One Cloud files in my computer. So I thought that it might be best that I Restore it. An aside note. I first tried to reinstall One Cloud before attempting the system restore. No go.

And I got this on my second attempt:

" Details:

System Restore failed to extract the file (C:\Users\Shawn\Documents\Desktop\SaelShawn\FileHistory\Robert\ROBERT-PC\Data\C\Users\Robert\Downloads\Downloads-(2019_06_02_ 18_51_41 UTC.exe)
from the restore point. "

As for the file "Sael Shawn" file I have transferred that to a flash drive.

Is that weird or what?


The alien from Scalos

PS I am comfortable with "advanced" solutions.


Apr 13, 2019
First you need to make sure System Restore has been configured. If not it will act as if it is creating a restore point, but there will be no data saved. Second, make sure to disable your anti-virus, especially Malwarebytes, which will interfere with reverting to a restore point.

As far as deleting Onedrive, here are some advanced solutions.


Win 10 Master
System restore has never been much good, its why its fairly hidden in win 10 as they don't want people relying on it. I used to see it as final possible cure to problems in the past but would often need to clean install to fix. You better off with backups.

Win 10 runs it now whenever it installs driver updates.