System Running like Poop, Time to upgrade!


Nov 20, 2006
Im having problems running some of the new current games that are coming out, and its time for an upgrade I think.

Need some help on what to pick up for my computer, I dont think that I need all new parts, I think in some areas its still sufficient but I haven't upgraded in like 3 years so no idea what is good and what is hot right now for parts.

Here is what im running at the moment:
Antec Nine Hundred Gaming Case
nForce 680i SLi Motherboard
Intel Core2 Duo Extreme X6800 2.94ghz Socket 775 (scythe cooler) - Probably Dead -
EVGA Geforce 275 GTX 768mb PCIe
Sound Blaster Fatality Xtreme Gamer Sound Card
Corsair Dominator (4 sticks 1 Gig each) PC28500 DDR2
Wester Digital Raptor 150gig 10k rpm & 2 75gig - Probably Dead -
PC Power Silencer 750w Quad Power Supply
Samsumg 24 LCD (runs 1900 x 1050 in natural resolution)
Windows Vista Ultimate

I dont think I need speakers, monitor, case or power supply, but everything else is up for debate. Which systems are better now AMD systems or Intel/Nvidia?

I mainly game on my computer, have a laptop for regular stuff.

EDIT: I spent around 3-4k on this setup back in the day, but i have since gotten married and "frivilous spending" as my wife puts it is not ok. Gotta try and keep it around $500 hopefully. May be able to swing $600.

Any idears where I should start?


Nov 20, 2006
Im trying to stay around $500-$600. Hopefully less...

I play all kinds of stuff, Rift, Fallout New Vegas, Black Ops, Crysis 2, Witcher 2. Witcher 2 and fallout new vegas and crysis are giving me lots of issues though.

I think my case and power supply are ok, (unless anybody thinks that my PSU is junk), my speakers and monitor are fine I think also.

Also what are the main differences with AMD systems and Intel/Nvidia systems, and how do they stack up price wise?
What makes you think your CPU and hard drive(s) are dead? Anyway, before you do anything, I'd try doing a fresh install of Windows, since you'll have to anyway if you replace the hard drive or motherboard. You'd be amazed how much difference that can make on a system that's a few years old.

If that doesn't help, I'd say your best bet is to do a full upgrade - you CAN get an LGA775 quad-core for like $200, but that'll only get you so far; LGA775 is a dead end. You'll get much better bang for your buck with AMD, and if you get an AM3+ motherboard, you'll be able to handle the next-generation Bulldozer CPUs coming out later this year too, which should mean your next upgrade will be much cheaper and easier. Main difference between AMD and Intel is that AMD is about 40% cheaper for the same performance, but Intel's high-end CPUs are better than anything AMD has (that may change with Bulldozer). Basically the same thing with AMD and Nvidia for graphics cards, except I tend to think the high-end AMD cards are better on price AND performance.

For a super-cheap build, here's the best I can come up with:

CPU: Phenom II X4 955 - $119

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-S2P AM3+ - $54.99

RAM: Patriot 2x4GB DDR3-1600 -$42.99

Hard drive: Samsung Spinpoint 1TB 7200 rpm - $59.99

Total: $277

Then in a few months or a year, use the rest of your budget to drop in a Bulldozer 6 or 8-core CPU.

Also, if your wife is telling you what you can and cannot buy, she'd better put out EVERY DAY.