Question System seems to hang during gaming


Jun 23, 2016
So as per the title suggests I am having strange issues where my game will continuously hang when playing games. I thought this was only in one game until I started coming across it recently in the other games. Basically what tends to happen is that my game will hiccup for about 1-3 seconds where the GPU will drop to 1% utilization for seemingly no reason then back up to normal FPS. It also doesn't happen immediately, it tends to start occurring after maybe an hour or more. Its becoming increasingly infuriating because this shouldn't happen with my current build.

i7-8700k (Radiator cooled)
32GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 3200Mhz
1070ti 8GB (Radiator Cooled)
Asus Z370-A motherboard

With the current setup when watching temps my stuff sits at around 50-55C while playing any game. The only time my CPU will go above 70 is when running full virus scans. Any idea what may cause this? I'm hesitant to run a full wipe of Windows due to how my system is setup but that will be a last resort. I also use a program called EmptyStandbyList that clears my Ram Cache every 10 minutes or so. I highly doubt this would cause this hiccup either but can disable if need be to troubleshoot.

(All drivers and windows are up to the current build)

Any help is appreciated, Thanks.