System shut offs


Aug 9, 2014
So here is the situation I have a Windows 7 machine that is in the form of a musical keyboard. I bought it about two years ago used. The company that makes it is called music computing and the machine itself has the following specs. It uses dual xenon processors they're running at 2.4 GHz it has 36 GB of RAM and it has 2 TB of hard drive storage. Installed is Windows 7 64-bit professional. Shortly after I got the machine started to have random shut off and restart. Thinking that it may have been some sort of a worm or virus I decided that I would reformat the hard drive's. This actually worked for about six months. Recent though whenever the machine loads up into the Windows 7 splash screen it shuts off exactly at that moment. The odd thing is is that whenever I leave the machine alone for about 15 or 20 minutes in the off position I turn it on and it loads up just fine. This does not happen when it is in the bios as I've left it in the bios for a long time and nothing happens. I decided that I would saw holes at the bottom of the desk that sits on in order to allow the five fans that are underneath the machine to ventilate more properly. The problem still begins to happen. Then I put a window fan underneath that very same desk to blow hot air away from the machines fans. This seemed to in sure that once I got the machine booted up and he would stay that way it seems to be working. However this is not a permanent fix. I would say that it is a heating problem as I am inclined to do except for the fact that Since this is built around a server motherboard platform and is designed to run at temperatures of up to 300° this cannot be the case since when I checked in the bios the machine temperature is barely above 150°. There is another thing that is worth adding . A while back one of the 60mm fans that is above the first CPU began to make a rattling noise since it seem to be banging against the fan grill that shields it. In an effort to keep it from doing so I thought that it would be bright idea to bend some of the fan blades down so that they spun without scratching against the grill. This solved the noise problem but could it be in doing that I also reduced the airflow pressure coming out of that particular fan slot? And if so could that . minor decrease in airflow pressure causes such a drastic overheating problem over one of these CPUs. I know this seems like a bit much but I will be happy to take pictures to paint a clear understanding of the situation. Thanks


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