Question System shuting down due to ASUS anti-surge?

Mar 10, 2021
Hello, everyone.

Yesterday, I used my pc normally and, before going to sleep, I turned it off selecting the option to shut it down and update windows. Today morning, upon booting, it finished installing the update. While working on light tasks (Excel), it shut down 3 times. Every time it shut down and restarted by itself.

From the end of the morning until the evening, it worked just fine, same performance as usual. There was even a moment it idled for nearly 40 minutes without doing anything. I even played For Honor while multitasking, I I didn't experience any FPS issue or performance problems. After I finished gaming, I went to YouTube, then the PC shut down again all of the sudden and tried to restart by itself.

Whenever this issue occurs, I get Megatrends screen stating that ASUS Anti-surge was triggered to protect the system from unstable power supply unit. What could be really happening? Was it perhaps caused/activated by the update?

This is the first time I come across such kind of problem and screen. My pc rarely has issues, the last one was in September. I find it weird because this started right after the update finished installing.

It hasn't rained since Saturday here, there aren't any clouds in the sky (summer in Brazil). Temperature: CPU and GPU around 40°c, mobo at 39°c, SSD and HDDs also around the 30s.

PC settings:

i7 4790
GTX 1070 Galax
2x8 GB RAM
Samsung EVO 850
Corsair 750 TX

I do not have another PSU or whom I could borrow from. I appreciate your time to read and help.