System shuts off after +6 minutes in 3D or "stress" mode! HELP!!!


Sep 29, 2007

I recently purchased a new CPU and MB, and "reassembled" my system:

CPU:Q6600 B3 @ 2.4GHz / 1066FSB. -NEW-
MB: Asus P5K-E Wifi-AP. -NEW-
RAM: 2X1GB Patriot Extreme Performance DDR2-800 4-4-4-12 @ 2.2 volts.
VIDEO: Ati Radeon X1900XT 512MB PCI-E.
SOUND: Sound Blaster X-FI Extreme Gamer.
HDD: 500GB Maxtor SataII (X1).
DVD-ROM: Lite-On DVD-ROM (X1).
PSU: Ultra X-Finity 600W.
CPU COOLING: Zalman 9500LED.
CASE: Thermaltake Tsunami (2X120mm fans + 1X90mm fan).
Floppy (X1).

The system works fine in Windows XP (idle), Office, web surfing and everything... until i get in 3D mode or some other mode that streesses the CPU/MB/MEM. After almost 6 minutes in continuous stress, the system shuts down itself and turns on again and shuts down... It turns on and off 3 consecutive times (during no more than 3 seconds "turned on" each time) and the 4º time, the system turns on half second and then turns off definitely...

If i try to turn on the system again, it don't turn on. I have to unplug the power cable and wait about 15 minutes to reconnect the cable and turn on the system. Then the system turns on "normally" almost all the time (sometimes the POST reads: "Overclocking failure" {I´m not overclocking}).

If i don´t get in 3D mode or any mode that stresses the CPU/MB/MEM again MORE than +- 6 minutes, the system works fine.

All the pieces are 100% ok. The new pieces in this system are the CPU and the MB. Everything else is ok. All the other pieces worked fine with my "old" Core 2 Duo E6300 and an Intel DG33BU.

The systems MAXIMUM temps:
- CPU (LOAD: T < 65ºC {Maximum combined}).
- MB (LOAD: T < 45ºC).

The systems voltage readings (idle):
- 12v : 12.152V.
- 5V: 5.12V.
- 3.3V : 3.31V

So apparently, the temps and voltage are not the problem...

Please help me!!! I can´t play any game or 3D program with this problem!!! Thank you!


Sep 9, 2006
I believe that CPU temp is a bit high. Inte CPU cooler can be difficult to mount correctly. Check all 4 point engaged, it is common for opposie mount to pop out of engagement when securing the final one. Also, Ultra PSU does not have good reputation.



Mar 23, 2007
Ill make a few suggestions...

My first thoughts is PSU, i know i know, the PSU was fine before cpu and mobo and its decent psu and its big enough, doesnt mean its not struggling during load because its damaged somehow. First i try disconnecting a few devices that arent "required" ie fans, sound, dvd drives. still no go try different PSU (if you have one) Have you got a different GPU that doesnt use as much power also?

Trying running Memtest86+ bootable. this will test Ram in DOS environment, it will stress RAM, CPU a little and MOBO. Will give an answer of ram issue, or something else.

Did you reinstall windows when you got new CPU and MOBO? Did you have this issue as soon as you put the new CPU mobo in or did it run ok for a while. Try updating BIOS with most up-2-date off ASUS website.

Reseat HSF.

My money would be on PSU at this early stage.


Sep 29, 2007

I´m running on a fresh Windows XP SP2 installation with all drivers intalled and the sofware is OK. I installed the latest BIOS for the MB and everithing is OK. I checked and the CPU fan is OK (the ambient temp in my room is about 29-30ºC).

I´ve tried with every unnecessary thing disabled/disconnected (cards, DVD-RW, fans, etc...), with the same results... I´m going to repeat the test with another (lower end) video card (my last chance ... ).

Do you really think that the power supply is struggling with this system? If is not the power supply, where would be the problem?

Thank you...


Mar 8, 2006
The PSU is oversized for your HW, no problem on that, unless you got a buggy part.
Double check that you correctly set the RAM timings and especially their voltages: I spent days with similar problems because I misconfigured the voltage at 0.2V lower than manufacturer's recommendations.
Also make sure the CPU HSF is correctly settled as mike99 said, CPU temps are VERY high for the 9500, they should be 60°C absolute maximum with that CPU and cooler.