Question System Shuts Off Instantly If Power Adjustments Are Made to GPU

Nov 28, 2019
I have gone through so much graphics OC software looking for a reliable one. They all seem to have awful bugs like not remembering/enabling the correct profile or crashing randomly during gaming, causing disastrous problems like overheating or instant PC restart.

I am using ASUS GPU Tweak II currently. For a good few months, it's been perfect. Nothing wrong with it at all.

Now my PC will shut off and restart instantly. Right after it does I feel the exhaust where my GPU radiator is, and it's not even very warm. It's a metal grate so it usually gets pretty hot when my 66C GPU does.

I've gone through my settings in GPU Tweak and set them to default for the card and haven't had any system failures since then. If I increase either the clock or the power settings in any way, like clockwork (ha), my PC dies and restarts in the middle of nearly any game, commonly at very GPU-taxing parts.

Considering my clocks were stable (not artifacts, overheating, or system problems) for months, how can it be suddenly affecting my system in such a drastic way?

It looks like a simple power problem to me but everywhere I look people are saying 850W is plenty even for overclocking a 2080Ti. I don't know if my PSU is dying or my software is to blame. I just need some insight here, my mental energies are waning after weeks this.