Build Advice System stability issues, Please help I am losing it

Dec 26, 2020
Hi All, I am at a loss at this point. My system has become so unstable that I can't even play destiny on medium settings without a crash. The Display drivers crash during ay real usage and any game. This was not always the case but since I upgraded almost everything in this box I kind of consider it to be a new build and old data points don't really count. I have been smashing my head on the desk for three months now. I have been searching but must not be using the right keywords to get the results i need to debug on my own. So I have come to the collective for some help!!

I am looking for any help on how to debug these types of crashes and what to try next.

A. GPU Driver crashes under load, the heavier the the load the faster it crashes (During almost any load GPUz indicates vRel)
B. (not sure its related but might be) PCIe device according to widows is missing a driver. Display driver looks good but the GPU is the only thing in the PCIE slot.

Things I tried so far:
  1. Tried different games, completely reloaded windows, and steam files, confirmed Nvidia is using up to date game ready drivers
  2. DDU and reinstall drivers from nvidia about 200 times in safemode. To include loading older drivers. Also stopped widows from updating display drivers
  3. Swapped and tested ram using memtest86. Took out one stick to prevent and addition heartache
  4. Reseated the GPU card
  5. Swapped to an older GPU card to and 1080TI
  6. Updated bios and restored to defaults for ram profile
  7. Swapped monitors, to a stock 60 hz
System specs:
Asus ROG Crosshair 8 Hero x570 (Bios 3101)
AMD Zen 7 2700X
Corsair H100i AIO
32G DDR4-3600 GSKILL ram (currently clocked at 2133) in slots A2 and B2
Nvidia RTX 2080 TI (Blower model)
3- SSDs, Kingston 120G M2.1 (windows), Two EVO 860 2Ts
EVGA - GQ Series 850 W Power Supply
Dec 26, 2020
Did the same thing happen when you were using the 1080Ti?
Is anything overclocked/overvolted? If yes, remove these settings and test again.
Thank you for the quick response... It does... none of the steps above have mad any difference in the problem. The other GPU did the same thing.

I currently have nothing overclocked... The only thing I have every over clocked was the ram and cpu. its all back at defaults not to prevent them from being a factor.

Its funny the "optimized setting" according to Geforce experience thinks it should almost be 4k but the games wont play. I also tried a bench mark this morning (3DMArk Basic) but it does not get through the bench without crashing