Question System started lagging out of nowhere.

Jun 7, 2019
My pc recently started lagging and gives the code 00 - 99 on my MSI Z170a Gaming M5 Motherboard. Which checks the temperature of the CPU after a boot, but this code comes up when I put some load on the system like starting a game.

When you have the code 99 there should be a faulty motherboard and no signal but I get a signal to my monitors.

Things I've tested to fix the problem is a CMOS reset, Reinstalling windows and reinstalling GPU and RAM, taken out 8- and 24pin. But of course nothing of this works so this leads me to think it's a hardware problem.

One problem might be overheating of the processor, I didn't build this pc but chose the parts. The thermal paste is probably stock from the H100i. My processor reaches 70 degrees in idle after a while. It rises +0.2 degrees each 3 seconds until 70 degrees.
I have checked that there is no memory leak in the task manager. I've already tried to put energy settings too high performance.

There are no signs of burns on the motherboard but could it still be damaged?. Bad cooling or not good enough CPU?

The system was built in late summer 2015 and have been working good this far, there is not dust in the system but still gives off high temperatures. Temperatures are checked with the iCue software from corsair, but BIOS says around the same temperatures.

CPU - i7 6700k 4Ghz, Stock
GPU - Msi 970 4gb
Mobo - MSI Gaming M5
PSU - Corsair RM 850x, Fan doesn't spin until there is load on the system
Cooling - Corsair H100i V2, Stock thermal paste? This cooler should be enough for a none OC CPU.
RAM - Corsair 16gb ~2100 Mhz
Fans - 6 LL120mm, 2 intakes, 4 outtake
Storage - Samsung EVO 250gb x2, One is empty and the other with OS has 70GB left
Case - Phanteks Evolv

Thanks in advance!
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