Question System suddenly freezes on apps and games, but keyboard and mouse are still usable ?

Jan 25, 2021
while playing games homescapes and other games sudden freezes for 5 sec.,but the keyboard and mouse are still usable and not affected.
No BSODs or crashes of apps, I've run furmark rog edition for 2 hours but everythings fine.

GPU max temp is 58 degrees celcius, CPU max temp is 59 degrees.

Could it be PSU or SSD or the system itself? I've run sfc /scannow and DISM but everythings fine, virus scan says no threats detected, run CrystalDiskMark on drives but they're all on standard speed.

old pc specs:
asus h110m-d bios 4211
pentium g4400
8gb ram hyperx ddr4 2400mhz genuine
kingmax ssd 240gb 100% health and performance
radeon hd 6570 128bit 1gb ddr3
hitachi 500gb 2.5 inch 5400 rpm for files and some games
cvs generic psu 700 watts 2 months old
windows 10 enterprise 64bit digital license

no random shutdown,no bsod,no game crashes but there is random freezes on games installed on ssd like csgo,homescapes,and even when opening apps sometimes,but the keyboard and mouse is not im confused by now where to locate the issue (hardware or system)