Feb 11, 2007
I know this is not the normal run of the mill question so if no one knows then cool.

I have been asked by a friend who drives a black cab to build him a system that has 2 specific purposes. The first is to hook up to a couple of camera's mounted front and back (in the cab) that records video images. The second is to output to a small screen mounted on the perspex partition so the screen can be seen in the back for advertising purposes.

So what i am looking for is some advice on what sort of hardware is going to be required. The case it needs to all be put in needs to be as small as possible to save room.

If anyone has any ideas as to advice on software, that would be cool to.

At the moment I am thinking just buy the smallest case i can find and filling it full of the cheapest parts i can get and it would probably do the job. But I have never built anything like this before so any advice would be appreciated.