[SOLVED] system update/upgrade query...

Nov 21, 2020
Like most everyone today, I have been using a computer for years, but I have not stayed up with the progression of systems. I need to update or upgrade my system for daily use as a photographer. I search the internet for relevant info, social media and my webpage upkeep, but the bulk of my system is used for photo editing and software such as Adobe PS CS5 and Kubota tools. I've noticed that it is taking longer and longer for photos to open and become available for editing. It's only takes milliseconds to seconds, but they use to open immediately and my editing software use to work flawlessly. My last system was a Dell, which I luv and still have. My current system (bought in 2011) is an HP using an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T processor with 8GB RAM. It's a 64 bit system, x64 based processor. I upgraded the hard drive and few years ago and I'm running Windows 10.

My question/s, can only the processor be upgraded along with RAM or does the whole motherboard require replacement?
Is RAM still made so that it can go from computer to computer?
If I were to build from anew, what would your suggestions be based on info provided?
I plan to stay away from a liquid cooled unit!
Thank you in advance!



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