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Question System upgrade

Feb 1, 2020
Hello guys,
Im planning to spend some money to upgrade my PC.
Here are my actual pc specs:

How would you rate my pc from 1-10 for today's standard?
What would be the best way to start? I was thinking about GPU, possibly 2070 or 2080

Im from Poland, and my budget is around 500-600 USD.
Im also keen on upgrading my sound card. Im using Microlab 7c which i cannot find on pcpartpicker. Would a new sound card improve my sound system?

Im happy to answer your question and read all of your comments.

Is there some way in which your pc is not doing the job for you?
What is the main use?
I might presume gaming.

I think a sound card upgrade would be the last thing on my list, I find motherboard sound to be perfectly fine to my tin ear.

Will you be buying new or used?

If you play fast action games, I think a graphics card upgrade would be a benefit.
Something like a GTX1070ti or RTX2060 if you play games with ray tracing.

A 120gb ssd is too small for windows. It will lose endurance and performance as it fills up past 90%.
With500gb and 1tb drives reasonably priced, I would go with that.
Repurpose your WD 1tb drive to be a usb connected backup device.
I like the samsung 860 evo drives, and their ssd migration aid is simple to use.

Your I7-4790K is still quite good.
If you want to improve on that, you will bust your budget for current gen intel or ryzen.

I would look toward the newly announced I5-10600K, a Z490 motherboard, and a 2 x 8gb kit of ddr4 ram.
For today's standards, I'd give it a 6/10 based on an imaginary scale in my head, the 4 cores 8 threads will be fine for general gaming, as long as you don't stream as well.
You can find a 2060 super(2070) within your budget, a 2070 super is around 2,600pln.
At 1440p resolution, your cpu will game just fine with most gpu's.

In regards to your speakers, you should look into a usb DAC and amp or a DAC amp combo that's classified to power 50+ watts per channel, unless your 7c has a built in amp?


Apr 3, 2015
My microlab 7c has a built in amp. When it comes to gpu im looking to buy a card that will last me for 3-4 years. I use my pc mostly for gaming. I mainly play dayz, also other titles like warzone, rainbow six siege and any other new games on the market. Mostly its fps gaming. If i wanted to change my cpu, that means changing the motherboard as well and that might be a bit expensive. If i had to change most of the internals i think i would just buy a new rig alltogether. Do you think buying a you would give me significant boost in gaming? Is it prefferable to add extra cash and go for 2080?
A new amd cpu+ram+motherboard+500gb ssd would cost 1,900-2,400zł (depending on the motherboard)
A new intel cpu+ram+motherboard+500gb ssd would cost at least 2,500zł simply due to the lack of budget motherboards for socket 1200 atm.

Alternatively, a AMD pre-built pc with a rtx 2060 super would cost 5,000zł atm.

Intel's 10th gen cpu's have just released, so finding them will be a tad difficult for now.

BTW, the rtx 2060 super performs like a rtx 2070, a rtx 2070 super performs like a rtx 2080.

I would hold off on getting a dac or soundcard until you are sure what you want, on-board audio generally works well enough, and sometimes certain motherboards will have a quality dac built in.