Jul 8, 2008
Hi. I am upgrading my pc, and here are the parts I am picking.

asus m4a78t-E

saphire hd 4870

Phenom x3 720 black edition.

G.Skill DDR3 1600

My current case.

I already have a good case, and a raidmax 500w power supply. I own a decent raid hard drive. The Processor and motherboard are a combo deal costing togethor $210. The games I plan on playing are starcraft 2 and red alert 3. Let me know your opinions on this build.
I dont know your games at all , but the build is sound .

The psu is probably OK , but would be the weak link

Theres an article on memory scaling on Phenom here on Toms,2319.html
You might be better off with 1333MHz ram with lower timings .

I also notice you only selected 2 gig of RAM . Even if you already own a 32 bit version of windows its worth considering a 2 x 2 gig kit since it will give you some speed advantage .
If you are running XP then 2 gig will be fine