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Question System very unstable and rarely posts


Jan 4, 2014
I have recently installed a new system. I upgraded ram, mobo, m2 ssd, gpu, and cpu. I clean installed windows and the pc ran fine for a couple days.

ryzen 3900x
trident z 3600mhz ddr4 32gb
evga 2080ti ftw3 ultra gpu
asus x570-E
samsung 970 evo plus m.2 ssd
corsair rmi1000 psu

I left the pc running in order to download a game because my wifi is slow, this morning I woke up to a black screen, I restarted the pc and it began doing this (youtube video).

note the lights on the top right of the mobo are boot, vga, cpu, and dram error checking lights in order from top to bottom, the bottom left is post codes. I've looked up many of the post codes and they don't point to anything useful, and it cycles so fast that I cannot read the others.

On a rare occasion it will boot all the way into windows, or make it to the recovery state but almost always it does what is showed above in the video, many times it has made it into windows or into the recovery state only to crash again

When I could boot I read the event logger and it only said critical event 41 task 63 which means an unexpected shutdown.

another note: yesterday I updated bios, but I did restart the computer a couple times to install other updates and it was fine

I have tried:
reseating ram/cpu, only one stick of ram
different cpu cooler and thermal paste reapplication (just in case it was overheating or something weird and temp sensors were off)
disconnecting it from the internet
disconnecting gpu
disconnecting all drives except boot
disconnect usb headers
clear cmos
restoring system back to an earlier date (on the occasion it would reach the OS)
reinstall windows
wipe ssd and clean install windows
attempt to rollback the bios but it doesn't work
lowering ram frequency

I have a feeling it is the motherboard, as this didn't happen before and was using this psu in my last build 4 days ago. I feel as though cpu is unlikely, but who knows, same with ram. I have another psu I can try, but has anyone had anything similar or know what could be causing this? Thank you!