Question System was running smooth, now it's powering down/rebooting ?

May 12, 2022

I was running an asrock h110 btc+, HX1200w corsair psu, 4 gpus: 1x3080 ti (zotac) 1x1660s (asus strix) 1x5700XT(powercolor) 1x3080 (gainward FHR), 4gb ram vengance, running on win 10. Smooth, everything had been up for months.

Bought 1x2080 ti evga, 1x2080 ti zotac and had to upgrade PSU, bought 1 from a swedish shop:

Plugged everything in and everything showed up without any issues. Applied OC´s and ran it. It ran for about 4-5 hrs, not sure since it was during the night. Rebooted itself and restarted miner. The thing is, the 5700 XT´s not showing up and the miner runs smoot without it. No heat issues before or after, no peaks in power draw. It totatls around 1060-1160w, have 16amps all around the house.

What ive tried so far:

  • checked every cable
  • tried to just swap PCiE slot for that card
  • installed hive instead
  • tried to run the rig on lower OC´s, same thing
  • Tried different power outlets, same thing
Had it running today for 6hrs, nbminer restarted then rig shut down 3hrs later. It always turns on and runs as if nothing happened.

Any ideas? The only thing im thinking is something with psu...
pls be kind, englishs not my native language.


Your English is fine.

Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer.

Windows may be capturing some related error code, warning, or informational event just prior to or at the time of the shutdowns.

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Take a closer look at the actual power demands of your full mining rig.

And that 2000 watt PSU is a likely suspect.

Noted: "96 Efficiency 50% Load".

What happens at 60% load.....?
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