Question System went from decent performance to loosing a lot in a week.

Feb 3, 2020
I just recently built a pc. at first everything was running fast but I'd get crashes (black screens that couldn't recover with gpu at 100% or blue screen) I sent the first gpu (a 1650s) to be replaced by a 1660s and I ended up with two crashes 3 days into using it. Somebody suggested I move the gpu to the slot closest to the cpu. This caused my mobo to claim I installed a new cpu and ever since then my performance in every component has taken a hit.
my build:
ryzen 3600
patriot viper 32GB kit running 3200Mhz with 16 cas
asus tuf 1660s 6gb gddr6 (micron if that helps)
asus x570 prime-p
sillicon power a80 nvme 1tb (heat sink also installed)
a 2tb toshiba HDD
an intel wifi/bluetooth card ax 200
corsair cx650m bronze certified 650 watts semi modular
corsair r100 silent case
cpu benchmark (current)

Things i did before this point in order:
-Installed everything and installed windows 10 home (still unactivated)
-ran 3d mark time spy (5426 score)
-ran crystal disk info (both drives considered good and running around 34c)
-ran crystal disk mark (read = 3445.12, 2225.52, 1545.36, 56.40) (write= 2979.32, 2974.78, 1973.98, 192.74)
-about 3 hours later while watching twitch first blackscreen occured. recovered in 5 minutes
-an hour and a half later 2nd blackscreen needed a reboot
-tried a pair of ram from my previous build (g-skill aegis 2400Mhz 16gb kit latency 16) seemed fine rest of day
-crashed the next day during a stream. black screen needing reset.
-a few hours later got my first blue screen (nvlddmkm.sys)
-used DDU in safe mode to remove and reinstall latest driver (441.87)
-got another crash
-sent 1650s(asus tuf) back to amazon and got a 1660s (same asus tuf brand)
-while waiting about a week i used my old 1050 from evga with no problems (reinstalled patriot memory too)
-used DDU to uninstall gpu driver then installed new gpu
-new card worked fine for 3 days then crashed once
-was suggested to make sure the gpu was running at gen 3 so I went into mobo and switched auto to gen 3
-got a crash about an hour in so i put the pcie slots back to auto
-friend suggested I move gpu to the slot closest to the CPU which i argued I couldn't cause it wouldn't fit thanks to the heatsink with -the fan on the mobo
-after a few hours I caved and tried moving the GPU (this forced me to reinstall the wireless card and nvme to a different area to -accommodate GPU (GPU had issues covered half the fan and refused to fit the bracket of the case to screw in.)
-showed a pic of the gpu in the new slot to prove it wouldn't work. guy said it was fine and to turn it on.
-GPU kept fans at 100% without stopping and no display.
-i turned it off, turned off the psu, and waited a minute before turning back on
-mobo gave me a "new CPU installed" message
-guy said don't worry about it so i checked bios to make sure things seemed ok (they did)
-Computer is sluggish cpu likes to hover around 40-60% usage, GPU 20-40%
-ran crystal disk mark performance was cut significantly (read = 2324.39, 827.21, 115.05 7.72, Write = 1743.84, 870.21, 99.25, 7.88)
-ran 3dmark (5042 both cpu and gpu are performing worse)
-decided to try reinstalling windows. (no change)
-put everything back to where it was before
-ran crystal disk mark (read = 1815.38, 1169.18, 121.05, 8,88 write = 2231.95, 787.40, 108.55, 8.08)
-frustrated I ran user benchmark instead to get a link to share here and ask the forum instead.

Sorry for the big post but I figured it help. any suggestions on what to do next? i was thinking of reflashing the bios but i might wait till a new PSU comes in (Antec Earthwatts 550w ea550g pro gold certified semi modular)


My thought is that the Cosair PSU (650 watts) is not up to the task.

Recommended PSU for GPU is 450 watts.

Recalculate the wattage load. Add up the wattages for all system components. If a wattage range is provided use the high end wattage value. Once the wattages are totaled, add 25% more.

How close is that total to 650 watts? Going "backwards" to 550 watts may be problematic.


Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer. Look for error codes and warnings that occur at the time of the crashes.

Do your own driver installs. Download drivers from the applicable manufacturer's website. Install/reinstall and reconfigure as necessary.
Feb 3, 2020
I reflashed the mobo bios with no change. i then did a clean install of windows and the ssd seems to be working and the load of the cpu and gpu look better. windows auto installed an older driver for the gpu and im 2 hours without issue. i still dont trust the psu cause the gpu still 100% spikes when a program closes.

i tried a wattage calculator. these are the results
apparently i can get by with 417W so adding 25% is 521W so i guess going to 550w seems fine.