Question System will no longer boot, SSD/HDD keep disappearing in BIOS

May 16, 2019
So for the past 2 hours I've been trying to figure out why on boot up I keep get prompted that my drive needs backing up and and could be failing? After poking around the BIOS and disabling my HDD and rebooting, windows begins to load from my SSD as normal. Now I shut the PC down and in my BIOS none of my drives are visable and shutting the PC down will sometimes bring them both back, but it takes a few resets. I'm starting to believe this may be a PSU issue, because for both drives to just fail is a bit of a coincidence.

Something to note, with my display port in I have no signal but as soon as I swap over to HDMI everything is normal. I think my PSU isn't supplying enough power to the components.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, just to make sure I replace the correct parts, money is a little tight at the minute and replacing a PSU or drives is affordable at least.

I have the Asus Prime 250b PLUS motherboard.