Question System will not POST. Tried four different CPUs, two motherboards and two RAM kits

Jun 14, 2020
Good morning everyone,

I'm wondering if I need to buy an older compatible CPU for my motherboard to get my system to POST so I can update the BIOS and use the 'newer' CPU.

All of my hardware is compatible and listed on MSI's site. I am trying a new build with an X99A Godlike gaming Mobo. I get a series of error codes 04-55-60 which are RAM/CPU/DOA mobo codes. I ran through 4 different Intel Xeon-E5 2976-v4s, and two different 32GB Crucial 2400 kits on two different X99A Godlike Gaming motherboards and I got the exact same results.

I read through every forum post here with X99A problems and I'm wondering if the BIOS version is too old to support an E5-2976-v4 out of the box?

I returned the first mobo because it came bent up like someone left a screw in while they tried to remove it from the case.

I'm deployed right now so the shipping times to get in parts is pretty lengthy. Anyone that can point me in the right direction is my hero. I started this project in Feb and I am way over budget lol.

P.S. I ran through shortstuff_mt troubleshooting checklist just to make sure I didn't overlook anything.