System with Asus A8N SLI-Deluxe shuts down randomly


May 13, 2001
I hope this is the right section.

I have been having a problem with my computer shutting down without warning or error messages. And it doesn't happen during particular high load times. Just today I only had 3 websites open and the only other program running in the background was NAV.
I have check for viruses with NAV and TrendMicro, I used two different spyware/ botware scanning software and I’m pretty sure it is not software related.
I have run a memory test with memtest86 for 12 hours with all 4 sticks, and then several 1 hour tests with various configures as to how many sticks and what slots they are in.
Since I started investigating this problem I have the computer sitting on my desk, with hard plastic grid laying underneath the motherboard for added cooling. The plastic is pretty hardy; I could not even get it to burn with a lighter.

I have checked, and cleared, and checked the event viewer, but it shows nothing, not even the yellow warning thingy (technical term).

I have an Asus A8N SLI-Deluxe with 2 GB or Corsair Memory. A 3500+ processor, XFX 7950 video card and Sound Blaster Audigy soundcard.
I don't have anything overclocked, nor have I played around with the clock settings previously.

After all that, I think it maybe one of three things;
• The Power Supply (Enermax EG495P-VE(24P))
All the fans are working
It does not get hot
ON/OFF switch will not stay in OFF position

• The Motherboard
Maybe something is overheating
I had to have Asus send me a new Chipset fan; I had one of the earlier models

• The Hard Drive (least likely to be the culprit)
I think I would have noticed error messages if the hard drive is the cause of this

I don't have another Power Supply with the plugs for the video card and such, and I don't want to just buy a new one just to test it. I downloaded in installed SpeedFan to monitor and log various temperatures on my motherboard.

I understand what most of the various temps are pointing at, but there are 2 that I don't know what they are and they seem very very high. This is either because of a software bug or faulty configuration on my part, or because it really is that hot.

The first three I think are Fans (I don't know which one is which)
IT8712F Temp1: 36C
IT8712F Temp2: 40C
IT8712F Temp3: 25C

Then I have two that are way too hot
LM75 Temp: 126C (has a little flame next to it)
LM75 Temp: 126C (has a little flame next to it)

Then I have two for hard drives
HD0: 36C (74GB Raptor)
HD1: 44C (300GB Maxtor Sata, used for backup and storage)

Then I have two more
ACPI Temp 1: 40C
AMD K8 Core: 34C

I'm not sure if any of these show the temperature of my video card. With wo cards sandwiched together in the 7950 that could get pretty hot. But since it doesn't just shut down while I play a graphic intense game I don't think that is the cause.
By going through some of the other tabs in SpeedFan I see that the two temp readings with 126C are from an LM75 chip. The BUS is nForce2 SMBus and the address is $48 and $49 respectively.

So my questions are does anyone see what could be causing the shut down? Is the 126C on the LM75 something I need to worry about, what would cause it to get that high, and not least of all what is it? Is there a program that will monitor the temperature and display it in the taskbar for my XFX Xtreme Edition 7950 Video card?

Thank you,
Thomas S.
Tampa FL :D


Mar 27, 2006
You seem to be checking everything except your voltages. Asus has software to check that (PC probe II). It will also help you determine if the PSU is at fault.

you should probably use something like PC Probe (not PC Probe II) to track your voltages and temps over time. That way when your system fails you can look at the logs and see what things were like just before failure.

Just a thought.