Question System with new Motherboard, RAM and CPU dropping a lot in performance after 1-2 weeks of use

Oct 31, 2021
Hello, after my previous post and going to a service to confirm that my graphics card and hard disk are still working, I decided to get a new motherboard (MSI A320M-A PRO MAX), a new CPU (AMD Ryzen 3 PRO 2100GE) and a new RAM dual-kit, Patriot 2x4GB (the other ones were still working however they were DDR3 and the motherboard supports only DDR4).

For the first few days everything was working fine, however after like a week or two of use performance started to drop considerably: my browser (Mozilla Firefox) or it's tabs would keep crashing, Steam's chat interface would freeze while I'd type and only catch up when I'd be done typing, sometimes my screen would even go black/the apps would resize and switch focus themselves and crash. Checking Processes in Task Manager, it appears that my CPU, Memory and Disk usage can easily get really high (even 100% sometimes) just from stuff like Firefox, Spotify or Bluestacks.

I'm not sure what could be using this: I'm using Avast and it has no reported no viruses, I also used Norton Power Eraser which reported no viruses. I have Windows Defender (using Windows 10) disabled, I've read somewhere that I should just keep that enabled and use no other antivirus.

I've went to msconfig and changed 1 processor to all 4 instead since it seems to make things a bit better but still not enough. I also went and set the pagefile's size to recommended but that didn't work either.

Truth is my hard disk is already a few years old and maybe it's time for a change, but how does that affect CPU and memory? Or do they get used instead if the disk is being used 100%? Sometimes CPU and memory go high even without the disk being on 100%

If you have any ideas what the problem could be, I'd be really grateful, it's really off-putting getting new components and still having the system not work properly.. unless my specs somehow aren't good enough to be able to run multiple things at once, however in the past they used to work well with weaker hardware, although I was using Windows 7 back then.