[SOLVED] System wont boot- first time builder

Nov 1, 2018

Mobo- Asus strix b250h ATX
case- phanteks p400s
Gpu- rx 480 8gb fe
Cpu- i7/6700
Psu- coolermaster mwe 500w
Ram- samsung green (insert random serial number) 2133 1x8gb stick
Cpu cooler- coolermaster hyper tx3 evo
My problem-

I turn on the PC at the power button, the GPU and CPU fans are spinning, the case fans do not spin (I am not sure if thats normal for the P400S) I have my GPU plugged into a 1080p monitor by HDMI. I get no signal. I tried another 1080p monitor, no luck. I tried switching RAM slots, taking out the CMOS battery as someone suggested on this site in another post. The only LED that I can see are the red aesthetic lights on the back of the board, and the amber orange next to the SB_PWR. Everything is connected to my knowledge, I watched a pc build guide on youtube for help when I built it. The 6 pin cable is plugged into the GPU, and the 8 pin is plugged into the CPU power on the motherboard. The HDD is spinning and I also have a m.2 250gb plugged in which I was going to clone my HDD onto. I get no beeps when I turn on my computer at all. There is nothing wrong with the HDMI cable or monitor.

I have no idea what to do. Please help.

Edit: going to try some of the suggestions as well as check if the graphics card has somehow died/gotten damaged. Thanks.