System wont boot?? Help!


Sep 28, 2011
Whenever I try to turn on my pc nothing happens. I have to turn off the power wait 10sec...turn on the power wait 10sec..and then press the power button and it turns on. I then have to go to the bios and press boot from hard drive . Its works fine after this. Its really annoying because i cant overclock my CPU for some reason
It doesnt say i have any errors in the bios.

Intel I5-2500k
Asus p8p67 pro
Radeon 6870
6gb Ram
1tb Hard drive
HaFF 922m



Well could be any number of things obviously.

The memory amount seems weird, is it 2x2GB and 2x1GB or 3x2GB, if it's 3x2GB, try with just 2x2GB in the recommended memory config which i believe is:

<<< CPU |---|xxx|---|xxx| >>>

the xxx's representing the slots that should be filled.

Other than that i would guess either a faulty mobo or faulty memory.

Other things to check with Asus mobo's is: try to turn the computer on from the button on the mobo, if that works every time then it might be that the problem is simply the front panel connectors, but I would assume other issues before this. I just happened to run into this one a couple of days ago. The block that makes the cable connecting easy to the mobo wasn't very tight and got lose somehow.