Question System won't boot/No signal

Mar 21, 2019
So I'm attempting to repair a computer for someone. It was an HP Omen 880-058. They said that they had been trying to turn it into a server or something and it shut off and wouldn't work after that. It was giving out beeps indicative of RAM not working so I tried swapping the RAM and it was then giving beeps that the gpu may have not been working.

Long story short, we've essentially replaced the entire computer except the CPU and the ram I replaced.

New case, new mobo, new psu, new gpu.

Hooked everything up and all the fans kick on and spin for about 30 seconds, get no video signal during this time, then it makes a click as if it's shutting off and the fans start slowing to a stop before kicking back on and running again. It just continues this loop indefinitely.

Been trying to unplug things and run with bare essentials and still the same thing.

I did try unplugging the CPU plugs from the mobo and powering it on. the fans just turn on and run nonstop without cycling.

Not exactly sure what's going on, I'm kind of assuming I was sold a faulty mobo.

Could this problem be from the CPU itself?

Motherboard: AB350m

CPU: Ryzen 5 1400

RAM: 2x 4gb ddr4 2400mhz

GPU: Nvidia GEForce 210

PSU: WT 550QV2

Any help would be greatly appreciated!