Question System won't post after reconfiguration


May 10, 2017
I have recently done a system upgrade, and decided to use my left over parts to put together a computer for my girlfriend. After putting everything together I was able to get a successful post and install of windows 10 home. I've done this twice now with 2 different sets of hardware. I originally sold it to a friend who bought the necessary parts but ended with the same result so I gave him his money back thinking either the mobo or processor was shot.

I used the computer all the way up until I upgraded with no issues, but even with the original parts put back in it im still having the same issue. I installed the necessary pieces (power supply, ssd, graphics card) and got the system to post. After that I install windows completely. After fresh windows install I get to the desktop once. The computer will then freeze, forcing me to do a manual restart (hold down power button). After it turns off and back on the system will no longer post.

Ive tried repositioning all the hardware but it won't post. The first time I did this I just left the computer alone for a few weeks before putting new hardware in the second time, and it running and posting fine until i get to the desktop again. And now it won't post anymore. I've reset the bios, reseated all the hardware, and still nothing. Please lemme know if anyone has any ideas what might be causing this. The specs follow.

AMD FX-8370 black edition

Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P Rev. 2.1

16gb (4x4gb) Patriot Viper 3 1600mhz

  1. EVGA Gtx 950 FTW
  2. EVGA Gtx 1660 super
  1. Firecude 1tb hybrid hdd
  2. Crucial 500gb ssd
  1. Antec Earthwatt 500w psu
  2. EVGA 600w psu
The pieces that are listed twice are the two different configurations i used. The "1."s are the original configuration i used for 4 years without issue. As i said with both configurations i got to the same spot (windows desktop fresh install) before the computer freezes and will no longer post.