T-Mobile's Website Put Customer Data At Risk

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Wonderful. Why can't these companies get better on protecting consumer information? I have T-Mobile and the past couple of weeks I've been getting a lot of spammish type of numbers. I called one back from VOIP through a fake Facebook account so they wouldn't know who I was. It wound up being a number of a regular person who said he did not call my number. He also had T-Mobile. It may or may not be related to this. If it is, I'm wondering if these hackers are running spam autobot calling with stolen mobile phone numbers.
"Why can't these companies get better on protecting consumer information?"

And why do they need so much information!? There should be an implied shame with requesting consumer information. Instead, even for an in-store purchase it's like, "Oh, you want to buy that candle? What's your email address? Home phone number? Address? What color is your underwear? What's your date of birth?" The truth is; the only thing they really need is money to pay for that candle or whatever your buying.

Shame on all companies that even ask for more than just payment.


Jul 15, 2012
And that's how companies are supposed to handle a breach. Not having the vulnerability in the first place would be the only better option.



Agreed. I usually give any employees of stores who ask for my phone number at the register a hard time (Really, you're not my type.. My girlfriend wouldn't appreciate that... etc..) because it's flat out inappropriate to be asking for personal information like that. If they want to track my purchases, have those plastic bar code tags to tie to a shopper. I'm fine with those and I understand the desire to see the correlation between item purchases. Data is data.

However, you know all the crap we get with spam phone calls. Telemarketing garbage. A lot of times by giving the phone number we (in an undisclosed policy) allow them to share that data with their marketing partners. And then they share with THEIR partners and pretty soon it gets to those unscrupulous spam-calling bastards.

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