T4300 vs T7500 performance on notebook


Oct 25, 2006
Quick spec detail:

Asus K40IN-X2
T4400 @ 2.2Ghz
4GB DDR2 Ram
GeForce G102M @ 512 MB DDR2 VRAM, another 1500mb discrete shared
500 GB - 5400 rpm HD

Here's my dilemma:


I'm considering a CPU upgrade from the T4400. I've been looking at the T7500 but as far as I can tell the boost from 1MB to 4MB cache seems negligible given the performance on the above chart. Note on that chart I couldn't find the T4400, only the T4200, so I used that as a comparison.


Notice on the same chart the T7500 is actually rated less than the T4200 (2 down). How is this possible? Or am I misreading this?

Would I be better off upgrading (if it's even possible, I'm not sure it is) to the 9xxx series C2D chip?

Or is it not worth upgrading at all?

I don't trust passmark that much.

You realize in order to upgrade you will first need to find the CPU, which will be difficult. Then you will need to pay for it and it will be overpriced. Then you will need to take your entire laptop apart in order to install it which is tedious and not easy.

Seriously though, The T7500 will provide only 3mb of additional cache and no speed increase. Why would you bother? Oh. It also has more low power features.

Not worth it at all. Unless you have money to burn and really enjoy disassembling computers.

Here's a list of all core2 duo mobile chips

Just wondering, for what purpose are you considering the upgrade?