Tablet wants Router Login


Jun 5, 2009
My son's tablet has been working fine for a long while, but recently, it's started to insist that he log in with the router's actual name and password, not the wifi password. Naturally, i'm skeptical of this and won't input that info, so he cannot connect to the wifi anymore.

His is the only wireless device with this issue and he's factory reset the device three times now. The first time, it cleared up for a few weeks, but now it's doing it again and after two more factory resets, it still insists on logging into the router directly.



That is to be expected with a factory reset.

But I am not sure what device he is actually factory resetting: the router or the wireless adapter in his tablet?

The router will return to the default admin login name and the default admin password if factory reset.

Those (admin login name and login password) can and do vary somewhat with respect to the router's manufacturer.

Recommended practice is to change those defaults to something that is not commonly known. The admin name should not be obvious and the password should be strong.

Since he seems to be the person factory resetting the router then he must also be either using the default login settings or changing them to whatever he wants. Which would lock out anyone else from accessing the router's admin pages.

However, if he is actually resetting his wireless network adapter then the adapter will need to be reconfigured with the necessary SSID and password to for his tablet to rejoin the wireless network.

Is he using a browser and attempting to access the router's admin pages via the router's IP address?

Let him show you exactly what he has been doing and what is happening.