Take-Two Interactive Acquires 'Kerbal Space Program' From Squad

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Good on Squad for making bank. They don't disclose how much it was purchased for, but I'm sure it was quite a sum of money.

I hope this means that Take Two will put some effort into manufacturing some merch for the game. I have a 3D-printed Kerbal on my shelf, but the little thing cost a fortune on Shapeways. I'd love some reasonably-priced, authentic Kerbal merch to decorate the office with.


Oct 19, 2011
I hope Squad got a nice payday like other small developers have. They created a great, unconventional game.

Part of me is excited that a publisher with Take-Two's resources could take KSP to new heights. They could add to and refine the game significantly. However, I also recognize that all of Take-Two's games are DLC-laden, overpriced, second job grindfests. I find myself completely avoiding Take-Two products because they take hundreds if not thousands of hours to get through progression systems. Worse, most modern Take-Two games have DLC that is multiple times the price of the base game. Remember that Take-Two is the parent of 2K and Rockstar. These are the same people responsible for Evolve and GTA Online. I'm not interested in seeing KSP turn into the same sort of high-price, shallow content, grind.


Apr 27, 2013
I hope this means a kSP 2.

I want KSP 2 that completely redoes the physics so its well threaded. This is my biggest gripe with the current game, i cant build HUGE things(especially bases/stations) because of the N-body problem. If it was well threaded i could build things with 10 times more parts.

On top of that, i want a real scale solar system as part of the base game. Doesnt have to stop there tho, add multiple different solar systems in the base game. Could do one with really whacky orbits.

And revamp the graphics.

Buncha other little things they could do.

Gimme that and you have an insta sale for ksp2.
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