Takes forever to find a mw2 match.



My nat is open, i have really good internet connection and yet it takes so long to find a match. my method of getting it to work is waiting till it gets to searching for games, and then i leave the lobby and repeat the process. i eventually find a game. this is really aggravating so is there a way to find games faster such as turning firewall off or something? what about port forwarding?


Jul 16, 2012

im having the same exact problem and i just bought the game last night
I believe MW2 for PC is based off a peer host setup. COD4 and WaW had dedicated servers and everyone was mad that MW2 went this route. I almost didn't buy it but Best Buy had a deal for $29.99 at the time. Basically you have to be looking for a match that another person is sitting waiting for to be matched up. Then it pick the best host depending on a few criteria, can't remember what maybe bandwidth or response time. So basically if no one else is playing that game you will find it hard to match up for a round. I think most PC players have bailed on this game by now to go for the newer COD games or other games. COD4 and COD:WaW are still well played because of dedicated servers. I remember I signed on maybe 6+ months ago just to play a round and it couldn't find anyone else. You maybe stuck playing the campaign and SpecOps.

This was another fail delivered to you by the folks at Activation.