Question Taking a PowerBook G4 Bluetooth Board and putting it in an ASUS laptop X555LA

Feb 15, 2021
Hey guys, so I have a Bluetooth Board from a PowerBook G4, part number 820-1471-A, and was wondering what I need to do to put it in an ASUS laptop X555LA that doesn't have Bluetooth. For example, do I have to also include the Airport Extreme card too? Can I just piggyback the B/T board's connectors off one of my USB ports internally? And how about the antenna, can I just use the coax, or have to pull the tube antenna out of the G4 as well? And let's not forget about drivers! And yea, I fully understand that a lot of u guys are shaking ur heads in frustrating confusion saying "Uhhh...What....Why?! Just go buy a dongle then u can go back to eating paint chips in the corner!" Well, part of it is cuz my son is getting older and he's getting into computers and I'd like to teach him more than the basic Ram and SDD swaps, and the other reason is cuz hey, this stuff's cool man. All it takes is imagination, patience, a couple bucks and a good forum, and we can build anything. Anyways, appreciate anyone out there with any ideas or info, tossing the specs of the ASUS that I wanna toss the bluetooth board into at the bottom.

Windows 10
8GB ddr3 memory
Intel i3 5020U 2.2GHz
Atheros AR5B125 802.11 b/g/n
I doubt the interface between the two is the same. They may look similar. Plus it'll be a really old standard.

By the time of the ASUS. Bluetooth and WiFi were usually placed on one board. So, you'd need to find a compatible WiFi replacement which uses the same interface and matches the number of antenna leads. Which it probably doesn't have sufficient leads.

Just get one of the BT plugs which stick out of the USB port a little. Here is a BT 5.0 adapter.,Techkey-Computer-Wireless-Headphones/dp/B085LB5Y8M/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=bluetooth+usb&qid=1613433161&sr=8-4

Maybe you can teach him how to properly replace thermal paste on the CPU. Along with replacing the thermal pads. If the laptop is using them.
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Feb 15, 2021
Yea, after tinkering around with it today, while the thought of it was pretty neat, the hassle and time spent for a dongle that I can pay less than $20 for is the better way to go, and that's for both practicality and teaching my lil guy something. Show him that somethings are worth messing around with, and some things it's just better to get the right equipment so we can move on to the next project.

And ur idea of the thermal paste is perfect man, solid, important stuff for him to know. I actually have to check the CPU in this project PC I picked up for us to work on together, but this would be a great start for him (he turns 11 next week). I'm more of an old school gamer, just Playstation, so when I grabbed this tower off of Marketplace I thought nothin of it. But when he seen it he got really excited, so I think I might have actually done good with this one, lol.. I'll leave the specs for it at the bottom, if u happen to know any of this stuff, or any tips for me with it, I'd appreciate it. And thanks again for the response velocityg4.

Okay, so here's the PC I bought for my son for $100. It has some issues, thinking it's a bad CPU, wasn't gonna mess with it, but when I seen how excited my son got over it I would like to fix it up for him...

Rampage IV Extreme motherboard
Intel x79 cpu
EVGA GeForce GTX 980Ti "Classified"
EVGA GeForce GTX 980Ti "FTW"
Corsair RM1000X power supply
Corsair Liquid Intercooler CPU fan (I'm thinking, has 2 large hoses going from the CPU fan to like a miniature radiator)
4 - 16Gb Ripjaws ddr4 RAM cards
(and that's why I grabbed it, cuz it had a stupid amount of ram in it and figured for the price at least I could be happy with having those memory sticks around the house)
Anyway, I'm gonna start posting tomorrow in detail the roadblocks I'm hitting with it on a different thread, if ur ever not busy and have some advice, fell free u shoot me a reply man.