Taking forever to launch applications. HELP!!!!!


Mar 3, 2006
:? Since almost a year ago, whenever I launch anything (games, word/excel, anything!!!!), it take a real long time for it to start. I mean, on my work computer launching Word takes about 2 seconds. On my house computer, it takes at least 30 seconds and as much as a minute. Starting the computer also take up to 120 seconds only to get to logon screen and another 120 seconds before everything finishes loading up :evil: . I just seems now like it's getting even worst.

After any application is started, using it is just has fast. My benchmarks seems to tell exactly that. It's really annoying when I do a lot of multitasking (which I do a lot) or while surfing the net for exemple, having to have to wait for the video player to start, then having to wait Outlook to open-up, messenger to open up, etc... It's faster on my mother-in-law Celeron500 with 192MB computer that I build for her with left over parts.

I've degrag with both WXP built-in defrag utility and Norton System Work utility but it fixed nothing. I have a total of 4 HDD and they all take about the same time to start applications. I've also done AV check, Ad-Arare and Spybot check, all with up-to-date definitions. I've check cpu usage and it stays at 2% when idle and up to 100 percent when encoding video for exemple, altough it always go to 100% when launching something and then back down to where it was.

I have a P4 3.0GHZ, Northwood core, with Hyper-Threading on, 1GB of DDR333 memory at 2-2-2-5 timing (2*512), a Radeon 9800Pro with 128MB of memory and P4S800D mobo from ASUS with 655FX chipset. Not exactly high-end but enough to last until either CONROE or A64X2-DDR2 (and R620 if I get lucky).

Just in case it could be the source of my problem, I use AntiVirXP as my antivirus and Kerio as my firewall. I'm thinking of replacing Kerio has I don't like it that much.

Here's the possible source of the problem I could imagine. Either something got corrupted inside windows or it all started when I updated my IDE driver without uninstalling the previous version (thinking it would just replace the previous one). I can't remember if it started after I did it, but I'm thinking it could be the same time about. Last one, is that I installed XTEQ setup a while ago and I also think it was at about the same time, or maybe a bit before. I'm thinking I might have played with something I shouldn't have with XTEQ, but that a long shot.

What do you suggest me doing? I would like to do all but sfc/ scannow has I don't want to reinstall all patchs if it won't fix my problem.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions... and sorry my writing, I'm french speaking. :roll:


and sorry my writing, I'm french speaking
No problem. Your english is better then most Americans! :D

Have you taken a look at what your pagefile usage is at when windows loads?
Have you gone into msconfig and unchecked all the startup items you dont need and/or just left them unchecked to rule out any program at startup causing problems?

Also go into device manager and check the hard drive controllors and make sure they are running in udma mode and not pio mode.