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Question Taking off front panel


Jan 7, 2018
Greetings everyone!
I just wanted to know how does one go about taking off the front panel, I need to clean the front fan filter and to do that i need to take off the front panel, thing is you need to yank it off by grabbing it from the bottom, Now i'm scared of doing that because the front panel has obviously cables connected to the motherboard, the thing i fear is if i yank the front panel its gonna pull hard on the cables too which might break them. The case is an aerocool v3x window, pretty generic older style pc case with a top mount psu and one intake fan in the front.
Each case is different. On come cases front panel is connected to metal frame with screws.
On other cases FP is being held by plastic clips, that need to be unclipped first, before FP can be removed.

Remove side panels first and check mechanism, that is being used for securing front panel. Then proceed accordingly to remove it.

Don't use full force to pull off front panel. Proceed with caution and hopefully you won't break anything.