Mar 29, 2010
Well, I wanted to search for a similar topic like this, but the search function is nowhere to be found :\

Basically, my old 478 motherboard died (second time replacing it) due to a bad memory controller and I want to replace it. I was originally going to just get another P4-based system, but I'd like to spend a few extra bucks on a newer one. Also, because I want a PCI-e video card >.>

So, anyway, my OS is still XP 32-bit and I don't plan on upgrading that to 64, or getting 7. I understand that, when running a 32-bit OS or applications on a 64-bit processor, it will work simply by using a legacy mode or compatibility mode.

So, in terms of using everything 32-bit for the time being, are there any particular problems I'll run into? Playing older games, using all 32-bit software? Also, are there any processors that I should stay away from if I want the most backwards-compatibility with my older software?


Feb 22, 2010
You shouldnt run into any problems at all from the looks of things. the only old games that will give you trouble are games that run in 16bit mode, which 64 bit systems will not run. There is a xp compadibility mode on windows 7 pro and above, but that generally only applies the the programs written for xp only - so practically none you would buy, only ones made. As it is, anything that ran on your 32bit xp system will run on 64bit windows, just remeber to install 64bit drivers!

You won't have any problems running XP in newer hardware if that's what you want to do.


Oct 13, 2004

Only if by '64-bit operating systems' you mean '64-bit Windows on x86' and ignore all the other 64-bit operating systems which preceded that by up to two decades. You could install 64-bit Linux on your 64-bit Athlon about the same time as it was released, and wasn't there even a 64-bit version of Windows for Itanium a few years before that?



No problems in any applications in fact you will find more support on the 32-bit. Only limitation the 32-bit will have is RAM capacity as it will not recognize anymore than 4GB so don't buy RAM capacity that exceed this.