task manager vanished!! need help!!


Apr 3, 2007
my friend's pc config is :
1.8Ghz Pentium 4
512mb ddr 266 ram
2 hardrives with a total capacity of about 250 gb
geforce fx5500
dlink 10/100 ethernet adapter
combo drive samsung
dvd rom lg

the taskmanager starts on ctrl+alt+del and then it vanishes on its own in less than a second.
the pc has become very slow
nod32 - his anti virus--detects nothing
w32.klez -- this is the virus which seems to have infected his pc after he got his pc scanned on symantec.com
the problem which concerns me is that my visual studio .net college project happens to be on this pc and if something goes wrong we end up losing everything
please help us get task manager working again.

pat mcgroin

Nov 21, 2007
I cant duplicate your problem here but try these
1) goto start|run and type taskmgr and see if it helps (probably not)
2) when task manager comes on try pressing the pause key before it disappears. (I cant try this as mine stays on)
2.5) Possibly in run type taskmgr /w If as in dos days this will cause it to wait. You could also try this from a command prompt
3) I just thought maybe safe mode will keep it from loading
4) After a quick googling it seems to come from email. It seems to be antivirus aware so depending on your antivirus set it to start scanning at boot time so that it runs before windows starts and has a chance to load.) here is a site that should help http://www.softpedia.com/get/Antivirus/McAfee-AVERT-Stinger.shtml (sorry Its not a clickable link)
Under no circumstances should you try to copy your project to a disk for another computer as this will copy the virus along with it. If it is printable do that but I dont feel that is would be as it is in visual studio. ( Idont know that prog.)

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