Question Task schedule default of windows 10.

Nov 21, 2019
Hi all, currently I use windows 10 Education version 2004. Audio, sound of web, mp3, gaming, ... work normally, but I saw in task scheduler have 2 task

- Cache task

- Multimedia sound task

- When I start up (2020/07/28 19:00:00) and checked task scheduler both of them status running, results unknown

- I restart and start up again I saw both of them 2020/07/28 19:00:00 results failed, 2020/07/28 19:05:00 results unknown although running.

+ Cache task will be cache of IE and windows audio will depend to Multimedia class schedule, RPC, Endpoint builder. I only saw RPC and endpoint builder at dependencies of windows audio Multimedia class scheduler not see it. I open services and not see Multimedia class schedule, I check in system 32 not saw .dll file only saw .sys at system32/driver. Audio still work perfectly (hear mp3, video, movies, gaming .....). So I have questions:

1. Can I disable Cache task ? Because I use chrome not IE

2. Can I disable Multimedia sound task and is it affected at the moment ? Because Windows audio I see it not depend it.

- Both of them results only fail when I restart windows or I press shutdown and turn on again.

- Display task running only 2 of them, but at first Started at and results are unavailable, after restart I see they running.

Thank you very much.


Win 10 Master
What details are there for them in event viewer? there should be some more clues as to true purpose. I wonder if the multimedia sound task = a start up sound. Since it only runs on startup.

I don't have either tasks as I looked in task scheduler