Question TC Helicon GoXLR Mini With Samsung HW-T450

Nov 10, 2021
I just recently upgraded my audio setup from using my samsung soundbar and a headset and sent the audio both ways using voicemeeter. I often get headaches when wearing the headset for too long, so the speakers are a nice reprieve. The software worked, but has its issues.

I have since switched to a goxlr mini to act as a hardware replacement for voicemeeter with the QOL upgrades included. The headset plays out fine from either the output specifically for the headset and the line out. However, I also wish to connect my soundbar to the mini, but it only has two outputs, and both are analog 3.5mm. The soundbar, unfortunately only has optical and USB inputs. I have so far tried connecting two different analog to digital audio converters, both using known good cables to connect my two devices that i have also confirmed work in isolation. The chain falls apart at the converters, which granted are cheap picks off amazon, but alternatives seem few and far between. I am not entirely convinced the converters are the problem considering two brand new ones got the same results.

If anyone has an alternate converter to recommend, or any tips they could provide, I would greatly appreciate the help!