Question Tdr_failure during win 10 installation

Nov 22, 2021
Hi all.
So im having a wierd bsod tdr fault since I got a new rtx 3060ti.

My specs:
Ryzen 5 3600
Asus b450f
16gb 3600
Psu 750w
Had rx 570 now rtx3060ti

So when I 1st got the gpu i uninstalled my Radeon software and shutdown and did the installation of the new gpu and I booted up installed GeForce experience and drivers ect.

After coming back to the pc it had gone to sleep when I tried to wake it I got the bsod it happens intermittently as well as during start up every now and then. After trying multiple solutions and reinstalls I decided a formate of the whole pc , it was due it had been ages since I last cleaned up so I did.
I formatted everything and downloaded windows.
During the installation im getting that same bsod with the Tdr failure.
any tips or ideas as to why?
Could I have gotten a faulty gpu?
Or is it most likely a software issue im just not seeing???