Team necro...


Apr 9, 2004
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Sorry guys, but I think I'm gonna have to fall by the wayside. Family
is going out to the Bar and Grill tonight for Karaoke night. This
should be hysterical!! But anyway, I've fallen so far behind and your
usual time, 8:30 PM ET just can't work out for me much anyway.
Dinnertime is always in the way. I've tried to level up my necro and
I'm doing reasonably well that way, but I'm not getting in all the
quests. I tried to do the last quest of Act II last night but I got
killed. I'd need help to actually complete this.

So, good luck and have fun, and I'm thinking of going back to the CE mod
where I can play at my liesure and not worry about falling behind anyone
and having to catch up.

I'll keep my necro active on the realm and just play for fun from time
to time. If I change my mind about that, I'll let you know so someone
can get my stuff.

Catch ya all later.


Archived from groups: (More info?)

Sorry to hear that, but anytime you want to join in, feel free.