Question Team T-FORCE Delta RGB ram is supposed to be running at 3200mhz, only running at 2400mhz


Nov 28, 2018
Hello all, its been awhile. On sunday I built my brother a pc and everything seemed to work fine till we noticed that in bios, the ram was showing that the default speed was 24400mhz even though he bought the 3200mhz sticks. I checked the sticker on the side of the sticks and everything checks out. I also checked on cpu-z and they come up as 3200mhz sticks. I've tried everything and customer support isn't any help because they don't take phone calls, only email. I'm out of ideas. Do we need to RMA or can this problem be fixed

Ryzen 7 2700x
Wraith Prism Cooler
Asus Prime x470 pro
2x8 Team T-Force Delta RGB 3200mhz
Asus ROG Strix RX 590
Inland 1TB M.2 Drive
750 Watt EVGA Modular PSU

Thanks in advanced!
If your kit of RAM are Pt No TF3D416G3200HC16CDC01 then they are not a tested kit according to the MB QVL.
This is not to say they will not work however you will have to manually set their SPD (Serial Presence Detect) manually in Bios.
3200MHz ram are considered OC ram so profiles such as XMP will not work. You will need to set the Frequency, Timings and Voltage which can be got from the Tools section in Bios or from CPUz in Windows.
It is also advised to update your Bios to the latest version.