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Well we have a team of Conquerers now. In addition we have two
enchanters into Hell and I think Rube has another one that we were able
to sneak in. Technically Misfit is not a conquerer, but for all intents
and purposes the boy be a conquerer as far as I'm concerned. He just
sitting back and waiting for an oppurtunity to get a bunch of his mules
into Hell.

I don't know if any of us can even go into Hell right now. I imagine
that we have to equip ourselves properly and make sure the resists are
up there, at least Fire and Lightning further than the others.

I've been looking for a Scutum or Dragon Shield so I can Pdiamond it
and then I'll be set.

The team was really moving like a Juggernaut throughout the nite. Only
one scare, Bongo-Wolf got hit with the Iron Maiden in WSK, but
survived. When I saw his life down below 50% I started sending the
javelins in any direction I saw monsters standing as I could not see
his name on the screen. Thankfully he popped a purple and got back up
right away and I am sure we all breathed a sigh of relief - I know I
did. The Oak Sage surely cane in handy there.

I did a few Baal runs myself over the weekend and Baal was nice enough
to equip my merc for Hell.

Congrats to all who were there and to all who will be there.

Hardcore Mantra:

Live Forever or Die Trying

Orion Ryder


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Yup, we're "able" to go to hell, just not equipped to do so. My sorc
is fairly strong on offense, but her resists are not good. Fairly good
on fire and lightning in nightmare, but not maxed. Hell is going to
be, well, hell!

Since my enchantress is finished, maybe I can borrow some resist charms
from her.

If I can hide behind Bongo-Wolf, or Cinna's bear, I might survive, or
die trying :)



Mar 30, 2004
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"~misfit~" <> wrote in message
>> P.S.: If you need a bow for your new Strafer, give me a yell. I got a
>> Kuko and a Lycander's yesterday, you're welcome to either.
> Yes please! She's in act 5/lvl 28 and still using the Arctic gear. It's
> starting to show it's limitations now. I wonder which bow would be better
> for a strafeazon? Whiach would take her the furthest?

Either of those bows is around L40. I have a decent rare gothic you can use,
with a L25 and -20% req, till you grow into one of the others. I'll try to
put it on the community mule for you so that it's easier to get it to you.