Question tearing RTX 2060 with monitor 144hz

Aug 19, 2019
Hello everyone.

I have searched the forum for a similar solution but I can't find it.

Basically I have tearing although the FPS are below 144hz and it is driving me crazy.

-I have updated my Rx570 4GB graphics card to RTX 2060, I have a 1080p 144HZ MSI g27c2 (FreeSync) monitor.
-Use the DDU tool to remove old drivers and make a clean installation.
  • The tearing is at the bottom of the screen but it is there.
  • With RivaTurner and placed a MAX 143 FPS the problem continues.
  • I have activated the GSync (The screen is supported), but the same error continues.
  • I play PUBG in Low due to not showing extra textures, therefore without limit of FPS it goes up to 200 or more and I understand it, but RivaTurner, GSYNC, FPS Manuals in the game should solve it.
At the moment the only solution is activating the V-SYNC within each game, but this is not an option in PUBG for the input-lag.

PD: Windows recognizes the screen in 144HZ.


Nvidia has ZERO MSI Freesync monitors listed as being compatible with G-sync.

There is however verification on the esports website indicating that it (Your model) works without problems.

Are you using HDMI or Displayport?

Have you enabled Freesync in the monitor's own options?

Tearing happens at both ends of the spectrum, it is not ONLY a problem when you exceed the monitors refresh rate with your FPS, it also can occur with too few FPS, or any deviation that is not exactly 144FPS, which is the whole point of variable sync technology like V-sync, G-sync and Freesync.

I would recommend that you start by doing a clean install of the graphics card drivers using the DDU as I see no mention of having done that.

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Aug 28, 2007
MSI announced the following monitors are G-Sync compatible and the MSI G27C2 is listed:

I would recommend running Driver Cleaner to ensure that the AMD graphics drivers are completely removed from the system, then restart and do a clean install of the Nvidia drivers, and restart again. And a reminder that G-Sync only works through the use of the DisplayPort.
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Sorry, I don't agree. I would NEVER recommend using "Driver cleaner". Ever. For anything.

If you need to do a clean install, use the Display driver uninstaller by Wagnard tools. It is the best option out there bar none. Even the AMD and Nvidia "clean install" routines don't have the same success rate or thoroughness that the DDU does.

Also, I agree regarding the HDMI vs Displayport, which is why I asked that earlier, and it's potentially a very good probability of being the problem.


Also, there are many monitors that are "claimed" to be compatible by the manufacturer, that really aren't. If it's not listed by Nvidia as compatible, you're taking a risk. I should know, I just had to return a Dell monitor that they and the esports site with the community compatibility list both claimed were G-sync compatible, and it wasn't. Turns out, it works for some people, but most people get the "out of range" problem that a lot of monitors have when G-sync is enabled, so be ready to deal with an extended process if you go that route.