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Some Spy Hunter repair questions...

1) I've got a A082-90913-G000 SSIO in my sitdown Spy Hunter. This
looks to be the upright (non-panning) version of the board. Can I add
components to this to enable panning? Offhand, I see 10 missing
ceramic capacitors that do appear in the parts list, along with a 2.7K
resistor bridge. Anything else? And the FAQ implies I would probably
need to change the values of some already-present components?

2) Where can I find schematics for this game? I've got a "Parts and
Operating Manual," but it is more of a blueprint than a schematic: it
gives you the components, but not how they are actually interconnected!
This makes debugging difficult.

3) I'm getting no music when I press the test button. The button on
the SSIO reboots the machine (is this supposed to happen?) Also some
other wierd stuff like the Oil light flashing no matter what type of
weapons van is approaching. Any ideas where to start looking for the



Mar 28, 2001
Archived from groups: (More info?)

I can only offer comments on #3... The Oil light flashes? None of the
weapon indicators are ever supposed to flash. The machine gun light is
always lit, the others are lit when you are equipped with that weapon,
and go off when you've depleted the weapon or crashed. Only the
Weapons Van button in the center of the steering wheel is supposed to
flash as the van approaches. Perhaps your Lamp Driver board is not
hooked up correctly or is malfunctioning?

Yes, the reset switch on the SSIO board is supposed to reboot the
machine, same as the switch on the CPU board. The button to press for
music is on the Cheap Squeak board. Are you hearing music at all? Is
the LED on the Cheap Squeak flashing on reboot/start up? If it is,
it's sending the music out...

Does your manual have the yellow fold out schematics? That's what I've
used in the past to trace my problems, with relative success. Good