Question Technical problems after my pc froze.

Dec 31, 2021
Last night i booted up a game and my pc froze, i waited for 30 minutes hoping it would unfreeze itself but it didn't. So this morning i started my pc and all seemed well but after 5-8 ish seconds 2 of my fans went silent and none of my peripherals got power (keyboard, mouse) and my monitor was black. I first thought it was a problem with my motherboard but some things like my CPU fan that gets its power throught the motherboard still works fine. I'm very confused at the moment as i have no idea what could have possible broke.
Hard to say, but................

Spinning fans don't mean much. The motherboard could still have failed in important respects.

The most common way to diagnose is to swap in a known good power supply. If it doesn't help, then the default assumption would be "bad motherboard".

But I'm guessing you don't have a good power supply to swap in as a test.


Sep 1, 2015
Check the event viewer.

Open; Windows Logs<System, then sort them by "level".

anything critical that would have caused your crash should now be at the top, just double heck the timestamps and tell us what kicked off at the time