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Technical Questions Under-clocking HP

Jun 6, 2020
Hi all,

I have a fairly low spec HP laptop:

HP 14-an013na
AMD A6-7310 2ghz
Radeon r4 graphics
8gb Ram (6.48 usable)
Standard HDD (not ssd)
running windows 10

I am trying to run the game 'sea of thieves' to have a bit of a game with my brother during the COVID19 lockdown. I know my laptop doesn't meet the minimum requirements, so I've been running as 'Cursed' quality in 540p.

Even at this quality i'm hovering at around 10-15fps.

Looking at the load on my laptop during gameplay
GPU is at about 100%
Memory around 90%
CPU fluctuates from 60-90%, BUT is only clocking at 1.38 Ghz?
CPU temp is around 65

I know the CPU is 2Ghz and can boost to 2.4Ghz. Given that the CPU is clocking so low will this impact upon GPU performance (as its an integrated GPU). Is it normal for the CPU to clock so low, will getting the CPU to clock higher (closer to its rated 2Ghz) improve GPU power as well? Or is the CPU clocking low because of the GPU bottleneck?

In essence I'm wondering if there is something going wrong and if there is anything I can do to fix it, if I can get closer to 30fps even on 540p then I'm happy to just play a blurry game for the social aspect. If this poor fps is just the max that this laptop can handle then I can look into a new system but seems a bit of a waste given that we probably wont play much after COVID19. Any advice would be really appreciated.


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