Telephony Interface Cards... any other option for a PBX server?

Jan 16, 2019
PBX project:
First thing... I want to install a PBX server at my home server... but I want the server to reroute any analog incoming call to a VoIp phone or an app on my cell like 3CX. Why would I do this? My parents are pretty old, my dad is in his 80s and my mom is almost 80, they don't want to learn how to use Whatsapp... I'm pretty close to them and I'll be working in Spain for about 2 years. I want them to be able to pick up their boring old phone or their basic cellphone and call the same number they've being calling for the last 20 years.

So this is where I'm at right now...

I've a home server capable of running a few VMs
I've a decent Internet connection
I've a couple of Cisco Phone Adapters SPA2102
I've found a couple of PBX open source distros, like freePBX

But my little research has taken my to dead end... In one forum I read that I would need something called a "Telephony Interface Card" and a quick search on ebay resulted in the cheapest used card being $650. On another forum, I read that I would need an Analog telephone adapter "ATA" but I can't find any of those that would connect directly to the phone line... more like... from the ethernet to a line out.

Any suggestions??? Does anyone knows anything about this?? Is there any PCIe or PCI card that has a landline interface so every time the phones rings, the PBX server picks up the call and reroutes it my VoIp phone???? and of course, a card that is under 100 and not in $400-1000 range. I appreciate any help or any link to any other thread with more info

I will offer you a much cheaper solution: Get standard landline base with DECT support. Many of these bases support Bluetooth, and having a smartphone as a DECT handset.

Another option: Convert your landline to VoIP altogether, like Vonage. Install VoIP client on their phones.