Question telework station consumes huge amount of data (200GB/day)

Mar 6, 2021
Hey guys! I found this forum, bc I have a computer tech question and Im totally ignorant in these matters. In short, due to COVID I have been working from home for a year and returning to office is nowhere in sight. I work for a big firm and I have a workstation comprised of a monitor, a Thin Client and a VPN device where I connect my home internet cable.

Im expat and quite desperate at the moment and I decided to work illicitly from my home country until the end of the summer. My employer doesnt allow that, although all work would be perfectly done, but that's the company policy.

Plan A would be to buy a data to go SIM from the operator here (in the foreign country) and insert it into my 4G router and work from my home country, but my IP address would be that of my work country (SIM ISP country) and I would feel safe.

The problem with plan A is that my workstation seems to consume huge amounts of data. The two last days I havent used my personal computer neither phone in wifi, so the only data consumption is my workstation. It eats 100-200 GB per day.

My question - is that normal that ThinClients and VPN devices consume so much data? Could I do something to reduce the consumption? I noticed that there is a huge difference btw "data sent" and "data received". No local ISP will sell me a Data-To-Go package that would covers 3TB per month.

Plan B is to take my teleworking equipment to my home country and plug the home internet cable in (we can only work by cable) and cross fingers that our IT guys wont notice my new IP address location.

Thanks for all the insight, im dying to be at home for summer